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Band - Pressure Point

Pressure Point Band

A premiere Portland, Oregon based variety dance band for weddings, company parties, and other special events. More about Pressure Point.

Band - A New Groove

The amazing vocals of Leisa Hart and Jarrod Lawson, backed by an all star cast of musicians.  More on the variety dance band A New Groove.

DJ - Media Jockeys

media jockeys dj service image

The highest quality mobile disc jockey service in the northwest. More on the Media Jockeys DJ service.

Jazz - Michael Winkle

Recording artist Michael Winkle is a fabulous singer of great songs. More about jazz vocalist Michael Winkle.

Dance - Dance That

Individuals and couples dance instruction. Specializing in first dances for weddings, Latin, Ballroom and more.  Read more about Dance That.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Celebration Music and Events? 

1. We have an ongoing working relationship with most of the area's best entertainers. This enables us, in many cases, to negotiate a better price on an act than you may be able to get yourself.
2.We have access to as many acts as any of our competitors and in most cases at a lower price.
3.We save you time by clearing availability on acts and negotiating the best price before presenting the act to you.


Who pays the booking fee? 

All fees are paid to Celebration Music and Events by the act.


What if my act fails to appear? 

In the event of an accident or serious illness, we are fortunate enough to have the resources to find a quality replacement. In over twenty years in the entertainment business, we have had to call on these resources only once.


May I use my credit card as payment for an act that I book through Celebration Music and Events? 

Yes, we take VISA, Master Card and most debit cards as payment.


How much is expected as a gratuity for my band, DJ or entertainer? 

This is entirely up to the discretion of the purchaser. Tipping is not expected but obviously appreciated as an expression of appreciation of a job well done.


Who is the best_______? 

When asked who is the best band, DJ, or entertainer, we can only speak in objective terms. Number of bookings, how many inquiries about specific acts and sometimes price are facts that are not open to debate and serve only to demonstrate an act’s popularity. Artist popularity may be based on such factors as name recognition, quality of performance, affordability, and current trends in the industry. These factors can in turn dictate an act’s current status and resultant price.

From our perspective, reliability and professionalism are huge factors in our decision to represent an act or not. You as a buyer may safely assume that we have screened our talent and are presenting only talent that is of course of high quality in terms of performance but also meet our standards for professionalism. It is our philosophy that the best act is the act that serves our clients’ needs best. As in art and beauty, entertainment is in the eyes and ears of the beholder.

Clients of CM Events

Since 1980, we have had the pleasure of working with many fine corporations, clubs and organizations such as these:
  • NIKE
  • OHSU
  • OMSI
Sometimes entertainment is not given the credit it deserves for the success of an event. We have many clients tell us that their guests, co-workers or family members are still talking about the band, comedian, DJ etc. and what fun they had at an event over a year ago, and in many cases, several years ago. In spite of that, many people who are planning an event put much more emphasis on flowers, food, decorations then they do on their entertainment. Those things are important but really how many people do you think remember what the food tasted like or what the decorations looked like or what flavor the cake was a year later? How many remember those things a month or even in some cases, a week later? The point is, entertainment can make or break an event, and providing the quality entertainment that makes your event the one that everyone remembers is what we are committed to. Let Celebration Music & Events help to make your event the best that it can be!

About CM Events

Our only business here is entertainment. We believe it is the essential ingredient for every successful event. We are committed to providing the absolute best in local, regional, and national talent to our clients and continually strive to find and develop new acts.


Celebration Music & Events has been representing the finest quality entertainment in the Northwest since 1980. We are a service-oriented talent agency representing over 600 entertainment options ranging from Acrobats to Zydeco bands. With our 20 years of experience, we have the resources and expertise to assist our clients from the initial planning of an event to putting the final touches on what can sometimes be a very challenging undertaking.


Admittedly, Celebration Music & Events is not the largest talent agency in Oregon however, we just may have the most to offer in terms of selection and service. In addition to that we offer the most competitive rates in the area. We offer free consultation, keep regular business hours Mon.- Fri. 9:00-5:30, and are available for evening appointments and/or weekends for our out of town clients who are visiting Portland and need service.



We have access to bands of nearly every size and description ranging from jazz duos to 18 piece swing bands. Do you need a quality band that plays music with a broad appeal? We represent many of the best and most sought after variety bands in the Portland and Seattle areas. Need something with an ethnic or international flavor? Celebration Music & Events represents musical groups playing authentic music from nearly every corner of the world! From celtic duos to 11 piece mariachi bands in full costume, we literally bring the world of music to your next event. We believe we have the largest selection of quality bands of anyone in the Northwest. In most cases, we also offer the lowest prices possible.



Whether you need a violinist to serenade for an intimate dinner party or a string quartet to perform for a wedding ceremony, Celebration Music & Events can provide the best musicians that Portland has to offer for nearly any event one could imagine. See our artist roster for a more complete listing of musician options.




Comedians, Clowns, Fire Eaters, Jugglers, Face Painters, Impersonators, Casinos, Magicians, Caracaturists, Stilt Walkers are but a handful of our more popular entertainment options. Let your imagination run wild! See our artist roster for additional specialty act options.



Have an event where a small to medium sized sound system is required? Celebration Music & Events can provide you with a high quality, professional sound system for speaking, small bands and or playback of recorded music. The equipment is top notch and the rental prices are usually lower than most of the traditional sound companies or music stores. Call us first. If we can’t help you with your sound needs, chances are that we can direct you to someone who can.


When you consider the entertainment options available through Celebration Music & Events, our experience, service, availability, and prices, why would you need to talk to anyone else? Actually, we encourage you to do just that. We believe that by comparison, Celebration Music and Events is clearly the best entertainment resource for your next event.



In our 20 years of providing entertainment to the Northwest, we have accumulated quite a bit of information that would be invaluable to anyone planning an event. Let us help you find your room, caterer, photographer, florist, decorations and party suppliers. We work with these people every day! Wouldn’t you like to know what we know about a place or service that could have a profound impact on the success of your event? We have been involved with nearly 15,000 events at various levels and would welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge with you and help guide you through what can be a very time consuming and difficult process.

Welcome to CM Events

Set stage for special event

A stage is set and now its time to have a party!  

Let CM Events help you with all aspects of your event entertainment.

CM Events is an events agency that specializes in special event entertainment in the northwest.  Based in Portland, Oregon, CM Events helps professional event coordinators, wedding planers, event venues, and individual buyers of entertainment find, select, negotiate and contract the right entertainment for their one-of-a-kind events.  CM Events can consult on and coordinate all things related to the entertainment at your events.

 When it comes to special events, there is only one opportunity to make it perfect - and that's why you should work with us.  
We recognize that entertainment for a special event is an important, trust-based purchase and our clients need more than just the right services, but also the piece of mind that comes from working with experienced professionals with resources, a good reputation and long history of taking exceptional care of its clients.   
Our clients need to find the right entertainment at the right terms. Our clients also need to have confidence that everything will come together just right, on-time and can't risk the wrong service, a potential no-show or unprofessional delivery.  CM Events monitors the ever changing entertainment scene and has worked with hundreds of local entertainers on a multitude of events over many years and can present to our clients a wide variety of options, verify availability, provide background for each entertainer, help with the review process, assist in the negotiation of favorable contract terms and complete the reservation and contracting process.

Wedding Services

First Dance Instruction:

For some, dancing is a big part of the wedding reception. However, most people are not blessed with innate dancing skills and therefore could benefit from professional dance instruction. Whether the goal is simply to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor or to create a one-of-a-kind first dance to impress, we can help. Dance That has on staff, professional dance instructors skilled in Latin, Swing, Ballroom, and various other popular styles. The lessons are affordable and the instructors are patient and very people oriented.

Our dance lessons are a fantastic investment in the overall success of your wedding reception!

Promotional offers available in connection with the booking of any DJ service!

Contact Us

Celebration Music and Events
Address: 5883 SE Quiet Meadows Dr. | Milwaukie, OR 97267
Phone: 503-234-2492 | Mobile: 503-680-5201 



Event Advice

A Classy I-pod Event?:

Biased you say? Maybe. Regardless, its clear to me that an event “DJed” by an I-pod is only marginally cooler than one that was “DJed” by a walkman in the 80's. Now you are probably scratching your head and trying to remember a time when you went to a cool event that was “DJed” by a walkman. You probably can’t think of any. Why? Well, as cool as walkmans were, and as cool as I-pods are, they just aren’t very good at moving sound equipment, making announcements, reading a crowd, interacting with guests and the whole entertainment thing in general.

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